1. Choose a Plan and Let’s Get Started.

This is where dreams begin.

With over 300 plans to choose from, we provide a smorgasbord of options so take your time and use our experience as a guide.

When satisfied with the plan and inclusions, we’ll prepare preliminary drawings and a cost estimate so we can move forward confidently together.

Once the drawings are approved by you and final costings prepared, it’s time to get the admin out of the way.


2. Approvals.

Your selected plans need to be assessed for Energy Rating and a soil test performed.

For Blusteel Homes Owner Builders, we’ll walk you through the permit system to ensure you know how to deal with council and get your paperwork up to speed. After that… You’re good to go!

For Chesterfield Homes clients, we’ll take care of all permits, foundation engineering and paperwork for you. Relax, we’ll handle it all.

3. Let’s Get to Work.

Now that we’re all confident of the specifications and inclusions, it’s time to sign the contract and commence construction on your new home. Construction begins within 14 days of approvals being granted.

Groundwork preparation and laying the foundations is the first phase.
This is essential for the stability and strength of your new home.

Once that phase is complete, it’s time to erect the frame, put the roof on, apply the cladding and get the other tradies in to work their magic.


4. Keys to Your Door.

The final inspection is always an exciting time for new home owners.

We’ll ensure you’re satisfied with every aspect of your new home by proudly showing you around every room, verandah and cupboard. You’ll realise the home in those early drawings is the one you’re now standing in.

The moment everyone loves most is when we place the keys to your new home in your hand for the first time.

We’ll leave you to pop a cork and savour the moment.

Call us for further information, or to discuss any of your needs regarding your new home or project. Please call 1800 808 350