About Construction

We build new Homes.

We build homes to the stage that our client’s request – anything from the concrete slab, steel floor system to the framing, roofing and cladding of the home.

If you decide that you would like Blusteel Homes to take care of your entire project we ensure that you are kept very much in the loop of the project receiving updates at every stage throughout.

Have you got your own plan designed by you or an architect? We can build that too!

Blusteel Homes can build from professional architect plans or from plans that you have drawn up yourself, our aim is to help you make your dream home a reality.

It is always comforting to know you won’t be troubled by termites, shrinking structural timber, warping and still live in a most energy efficient home.

One of our specialties is to help Owners exact all the savings they can during the project, for us there is nothing more rewarding than to hand over a beautiful new home to the excited owner . We take the worry out of dealing with Councils, permits and other semi-government authorities.

Our steel framed homes carry a fifty year warranty.


Blusteel Homes frames are factory made to fine tolerances to enable quick construction on site.

When building your dream home you need a builder you can trust, someone who listens to what you want.

We can give you the freedom to add the features you want.

At the end of the building program you have a beautiful new home with the features you want and the peace of mind that says  “ We have a beautiful safe new home that will stand the test of time”

For added security we complete a free three month maintenance call to see that everything is working as promised.

Our workmanship is guaranteed for six and a half years from possession by you.

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